The Grandperspective GmbH

was founded in Berlin in 2018 with the purpose of protecting people and the environment. We are introducing revolutionary remote sensing technology into a highly professional market with severe hazard potentials.

is to screen vast areas and complex infrastructure for the emission of potentially hazardous, odorous and combustible gases. Any chosen approach needs to result in conclusive and intuitive situation assessment with reliable prevention of false alarms, fully automated and capable of real-time identification. Particularly the aim of full coverage of ground and airspace makes a remote monitoring approach inevitable. We understand technology alone cannot solve this challenge. Monitoring-as-a service is the operational answer to unfold the full potential of cutting edge detection technology in the most intuitive and reliable way.

of developers and remote sensing experts creates custom-designed monitoring solutions. The scanfeld is a unison of unique technology and attentive 24/7 operational backup. We develop and manufacture the scanfeld monitoring system in Berlin integrating the finest measurement technology. Grandperspective puts its trusts in Bruker Optics, world leading provider of FTIR spectrometers and supplier for reputable institutions such as the German ministry of civil protection and disaster management, first responders, emergency response forces and the industry.

in development and application of remote sensing systems shaped by first-hand experience from operators world wide over years open the way for the most comprehensive monitoring solution.

Stepping back is essential to overview.
Remote monitoring provides maximum coverage day and night.

René Braun
Founder and General Manager of Grandperspective

René Braun has been working in development and application of FTIR remote sensing systems for the last fifteen years. As part of the development team at Bruker Optics, Ettlingen, René Braun has worked in close contact with the analytical task forces ATF. His expertise is in fundamental research for new applications, system development and training of operators. Learning from the experience of operators in the field and listening closely to the needs and expectations in the industry, he designed the scanfeld early warning solution.
Peter Maas
Partner and CTO of Grandperspective

Peter Maas has been working in the field of infrared spectrometry and remote sensing of gases in the atmosphere with a focus on imaging Fourier-transform spectrometers for years. He was part of the remote sensing group at Bruker Optics, working as Global Application Manager for Remote Sensing. During his professional life at Bruker he supported numerous scientific and security related applications, form stand-off detection of hazardous clouds for emergency response forces to the implementation of gas analysis in the industry.
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