scanfeld™ field testing

The scanfeld™ sensor unit is a precision optical instrument. Prior to assembly, the spectrometer and the telescope unit are fine tuned in the lab. This is how we ensure that our scanfeld™ sensor units pick up the tiniest whiff of potentially hazardous emissions. But after all, scanfeld™ is intended for heavy duty. This is why we field-test our equipment.

A major test we do is concerned with high level situation assessment. We want the scanfeld™ to warn specifically of dangerous amounts of gas.

So, here’s how we take the scanfeld™ out and simulate a threat. An artificial gas cloud with a defined concentration is created in a gas cuvette and is placed in different positions and distances. The scanfeld™ unit picks up the gas and no matter what the surrounding indicates a clear and specific warning level, based on the amount of the target gas.

This is how scanfeld™ later provides additional safety for industrial sites, their neighborhoods, personnel, and the environment.

Peter Maas Peter Maas