Automated 24/7 monitoring

Automated 24/7 monitoring

scanfeld® is the world's first early warning solution for comprehensive monitoring of entire chemical parks. Wherever gas accumulates, scanfeld® identifies, localizes and images the gas cloud. Completely automated, around the clock.

Scanfeld technology

Conventional sensors work like the sense of smell, which can only pick up a signal if they are directly where the gas is. In most cases, however, it is not clear where the invisible gas accumulates. The result: Over one third of major gas releases are not detected by traditional gas sensors.

The scanfeld® early warning system uses remote sensing, or measurement at a distance. It works more like a watchtower. Even large areas with production and storage facilities can be monitored remotely for hundreds of compounds, 24/7, up to several kilometers away, and in any altitude profile, with no calibration needed. Gas distribution and propagation direction is made visible in real time. The system reacts to a wide concentration range – from single-digit ppm to double-digit percentage values, which helps distinguish safety related events from technical emissions.

Scanfeld Sensor

scanfeld® sensor units plus Software-Module

The scanfeld® sensor unit scans the air space of the entire factory, night and day. Gas distribution within the gas cloud is completely measured – no matter the distance, concentration or number of compounds. The chemical composition is analyzed by FTIR spectroscopy and thus the gas is identified.

ammonia leak detection

scanfeld® image

The concentration distribution of the gas cloud becomes visible in real time and alerts the user of an incident; the warning includes the specific indication of how much of which gas is present. The scanfeld™ imager user interface can be displayed on any device, including monitors in the control room and hand-held devices in the field. The user can scan through time, and quickly assess the development of an incident. Fast-forward mode and time-loop functions provide an overview in seconds.

scanfeld® profiler with DCS interface

Our system informs and warns the operator of dangerous leaks. Gas concentration and compound type determine the alert level, so technical leaks can be distinguished from relevant incidents. Information on indication, persistence, quantity and relevance is available in real time and is stored as reports. The scanfeld™ profiler allows the integration of the scanfeld™ monitoring solution into the safety architecture of the control center via the DCS interface.

hazardous gas leak detection
hazardous gas cloud tracking

scanfeld® tracker

The software module scanfeld® tracker provides map-based cloud tracking: it displays and tracks the gas cloud location, propagation and concentration in real time using GPS.