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Grandperspective early warning systems are custom built solutions based on the scanfeld system. The scanfeld remote monitoring system is a modular solution for the remote identification of hundreds of gases for various applications. Customized chemical libraries and identification strategies render the scanfeld system a specific solution for your industry. Our full-service solution provides continuous optimization and adaption. The scanfeld early warning system is your reliable long-term solution to protect personnel, environment and infrastructure.

Grandperspective Industrial Monitoring Plan (IMP)

Planning, Installation and Service in one hand:

  • Scalable system

  • Monitoring solutions planned on-site

  • Custom specific target compound library 

Continuous support:

  • Adaptive optimisation of situation assessment routines

  • Customized and adaptive compensation of interfering compounds

  • 24 h hotline support by remote sensing experts

  • Monitoring of system performance

Keeping false alarm rates ultra-low:

  • Specific adaptation of target compound library

  • Permanent monitoring of cross-sensitivities

  • Self-checking multiperspective monitoring solution

Monitoring as a Service

Minimal initial investment:

  • No hardware acquisition costs

  • Monthly payment

Plannable costs:

  • Subscription fee covers monitoring service and
    all maintenance costs including wear parts

Minimal downtimes:

  • Routine exchange of wear parts

  • Remote optimization  of situation assessment routines

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