Chemical plants and industrial sites

Chemical plants and industrial sites

Keeping an eye on ammonia emissions and other hazardous gases

The scanfeld® monitoring solution uses scanning imaging remote sensing units. Covering the entire fingerprint region of the infrared, they detect and identify over 400 different chemical compounds, for instance ammonia or methane. The detection limit is a specific value for each chemical. For example: A 10 m wide ammonia cloud under normal ambient circumstances and at 1 km distance, this detection limit is in the order of 4 ppm. The identification algorithms and quantification techniques that can automatically identify and quantify a chemical compound in the infrared spectrum, are certified according to VDI4211. Due to the spectral region in the infrared over long distances the measurement technique is not sensitive to weather conditions such as rainfall or fog. Without the need for ambient light, the measurement technique also works day and night 24/7.

scanfeld looking down on ammonia plant

The scanfeld® monitoring solution is a highly automated monitoring tool that scans predefined scan areas automatically in a programmed order. In normal operation mode the scan pattern is optimized for quick turn-around in order to map the status of the plant in minutes. The scan-pattern is specific for the scope of the installation with a free definition of scan-speed and spatial resolution. Thus, monitoring areas with the potential release of highly toxic or flammable gases are optimized for speed, whereas large area monitoring are optimized for high spatial resolution. Once a gas release is detected, the scan pattern shifts to automatic gas cloud distribution mapping. In the user interface, the operator is notified on all events with an indication. As technical emissions naturally occur in production facilities and fugitive emissions from other areas periodically come into view, an automatic situation assessment aids to better distinguish hazardous situations from harmless emissions.

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